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Over 50 Years of Experience and Thousands of Jumps Later!

About Skydive Elsinore – San Diego Skydiving.

Skydive Elsinore the longest running and operational Skydiving company in North America! We have performed the most jumps and are known for our experience, remarkable launching grounds, attention to detail, and incredible video footage. Skydive Elsinore launch grounds are located just an hour north of San Diego and Los Angeles amongst the gorgeous mountain area of the Ortega Mountains. More specifically you’ll find us in Elsinore Valley which is home to Southern California’s largest natural lake. Since 1959 we have been jumping out of planes and we absolutely love what we do and we are excited to help you have the most incredible experience of your life!

An Experience You’ll Never Forget!

And the footage to never forget it!

Southern California’s Longest Running Skydive Operation!

For over 50 years we’ve been flying threw the sky and jumping out of planes with our friends and family. At Skydive Elsinore we are not only Southern California’s longest running skydiving company but we are North America’s longest running operation.

Join us for a tandem skydive adventure that you’ll never forget and you’ll jump alongside one of our experienced veteran skydivers who will make you feel comfortable, safe, and will guide you threw the air as you experience one of the most exhilarating moments of your entire life!


We offer various pricing, packages, and deals to all of our skydivers depending on the desired jump, date, time, and footage recording. We also offer bulk discounts for larger parties. View our pricing and book your jump today!